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jsTree – Few examples with ASP.Net/C#

The examples below uses the latest jsTree build as obtained from jsTree. (The stable build – pre 1.0 fixed) I copied all the relevant folders and file under my scripts folder. The examples are developed using old WebForms. Example 1:Any … Continue reading

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Exploring JQuery plugin ‘FullCalendar’.

Here’s the author’s weblink on this tremendous open-source calendar based scheduler. Everything to get started with this plugin can be found here, (ie docs, demos, download etc.) I basically tried to run those same examples using ASP.Net/C#. Fullcalendar is extremely … Continue reading

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Ajax Scrolling — an alternative to Paging.

The example below, uses JQuery scroll function to fetch additional incremental records, when user hits the bottom of the Repeater. The Repeater has a fixed external header (NOT the in-built Repeater header template), to keep the header row visible, as … Continue reading

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Security issue with JSON Stringify working on JS Array.

I was trying to pass some complex data using JQuery AJAX and JSON.Stringify to my PageMethod. I have this interesting find. In this example below, I have a textBox & 3 buttons which calls 3 respective server side static PageMethod … Continue reading

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Moving data between a pair of Repeaters using JQuery

The following example demonstrates how to move multiple records from one repeater to another, back-&-forth.It’s totally client-side, using JQuery.Here’s the application in action, with few screen shots & the complete source code. <%@ Page Language=”C#” AutoEventWireup=”true” CodeFile=”PairOfRepeaterMoveData.aspx.cs” Inherits=”PairOfRepeaterMoveData” %> <!DOCTYPE … Continue reading

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Print GridView selected record(s) using JQuery and Context help.

The following example demonstrates, another way to print, selected records in a GridView, using jquery.It also uses the JQuery plugin from “”, to print a single GridView row , using “mouse right click”. Here’s the complete code sample. <%@ Page … Continue reading

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Multiple UserControl instances in a page and JQuery

If any UserControl contains javascript/client code and we have multiple instances of that usercontrol in a given aspx page, there often arises a conflict in retreiving control with correct ids in the client script. JQuery selectors actually lets us select … Continue reading

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